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  Aquastar Group for water treatment is using the most suitable products for its work. We are dealing with the best companies in the field.  
Aquastar transformers made in Hong Kong.
Aquastar pumps made in France.
Aquastar filters made in Hong Kong.
Silica Sand and the gratings made in our factory
  in Egypt.
  Aquastar Group imports all swimming pool equipments, Also related chemicals needed for water treatment are imported by our company, Fountains & Spa's are also available in our stock. We deal with the following international companies such as :  
Hayward U.S.A
EMAUX Hong Kong
ESPA Spain

Aquastar Group works in the field of swimming pool construction and we have very special designs to offer.

  We are also responsible for swimming pool equipments supply or electromechanics installations.  
  Here are some examples for construction and electromechanical works in private swimming pools:  
Swimming pool located in Marina 2 , total
  volume: 115 m2
Swimming pool  located in Marina 5 ,total
  volume: 90 m2
Swimming pool located  in Marina6, total
  volume: 60 m2
Swimming pool located in Marina7, total  
  volume: 73m2
Swimming pool located in Mena Garden City ,
  total volume : 90m2
Swimming pool located in King Mariout ,
  total volume :  118m2
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